Joint Programming Initiative A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (JPI HDHL)

The Joint Programming Initiative “A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life” has proclaimed an overly ambitious vision:

“By 2030 all Europeans will have the motivation, ability and opportunity to consume a healthy diet from a variety of foods and have healthy levels of physical activity, and that the incidence of diet-related diseases will have decreased significantly.”

Food production, human nutrition and the incidence of diet-related diseases are becoming increasingly important in our rapidly changing scientific, economic and societal environments. High quality diets and proper physical activity are the most critical determinants in human health and for the quality of life in an ageing society.

The JPI HDHL aims to coordinate research on the impact of diet and lifestyles on health, significantly contributing to the construction of a fully operational European Research Area for the prevention of diet-related diseases and strengthening the leadership and competitiveness of research activities in this field.

Download the JPI HDHL Leaflet