Impact of Diet, Food Components and Food Processing on Body Weight Regulation and Overweight Related Metabolic Diseases

In February 2019, the JPI HDHL launched METADIS, a 3rd call organised under the umbrella of ERA-Net HDHL-INTIMIC to promote collaborative international research on nutrition and health.


It is well recognised that the overconsumption of energy-dense food combined with an inactive lifestyle are important causes for overweight, obesity and other metabolic alterations increasing the risk for several chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However, the exact mechanisms are still not well understood and also vary on an individual level. Body weight regulation is controlled by various biological processes, which are influenced by dietary composition and related to the consumption of specific food components. In addition, also the macronutrient composition of diet as well as other food characteristics such as bioactive components, energy density, taste, aroma, texture, etc. affect appetite and/or metabolic regulation at biological and psychological level and in consequence influence risk factors for overweight-related metabolic diseases.

Aim of the call

The aim of this call is to support transnational, collaborative research projects that address important research questions regarding the effects of food (components) or diets and/or food processing on overweight and related metabolic diseases. An additional objective is to support Early Career Scientists in the area of food, nutrition and health.

Proposals should focus on one or both of the following topics:

  1. Identification of food (components) or diets that affect appetite and/or satiety, body weight regulation and/or risk factors for the development of overweight related metabolic diseases as well as the underlying mechanisms. This includes the understanding of individual responses to food components or diet.
  2. The effect of food processing and/or storage conditions on food components, and the mechanisms by which this will influence appetite and/or satiety, body weight regulation and/or risk factors for the development of overweight related metabolic diseases. This can include studying how to modify the amount of these food components during food processing without affecting consumer acceptance
Participating countries
Country Funding Organisation Abbreviation
Belgium* Fund for Scientific Research-FNRS F.R.S.-FNRS
Czech Republic The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports MEYS
France French National Research Agency ANR
Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research, represented by the Project Management Agency in the German Aerospace Center BMBF represented by DLR
Germany Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture represented by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food BMEL represented by BLE
Israel* Ministry of Science and Technology MOST
Italy* Italian Institute of Public Health Istituto Superiore di Sanità ISS
Italy Ministry of agriculture, food, forestry and tourism policies MiPAAFT
Latvia* Ministry of Education and Science IZM
The Netherlands Top Sectors LSH and A&F represented by The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development ZonMw
Norway The Research Council of Norway RCN
Spain National Institute of Health Carlos III ISCIII
Sweden The Swedish Research Council Formas FORMAS

* Did not fund research projects in this call

Funded projects
Project Coordinator


Prof. Jutta Dierkes,
University of Bergen, Norway
Carb-Q-4-Health Prof. Rikard Landberg,
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
ePIDEMIc Prof. Casper Schalkwijk,
CARIM School for Cardiovascular Diseases, Maastricht University Medical Centre
EURODIET Prof. Fawazi Kadi,
School of Health Sciences Örebro University, Sweden
FOODPHYT Dr. Claudine Manach,
Human Nutrition Department of INRA, France
STAY Prof. Kjetil Retterstol,
University of Oslo, Norway
More Information

Research Framework

Contact call Secretariat: ANR (France)

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s
H2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement n.696300

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