“New food resources and technologies to improve public health and food security” (FOODRETEC) 

In February 2023, JPI HDHL launched a new joint funding activity “New food resources and technologies to improve public health and food security” (FOODRETEC). 


The growing world population enforces increased supply of healthy and sustainable food that can originate from underutilised or new resources. Research and technology are needed to transform these resources into new consumer food products. The development and application of innovative food technologies and the use of new food ingredients, even though perceptions may be different, greatly contribute to the production of safer, healthier, and more sustainable food. To achieve the best possible result, trying to mediate among these (three) paramount aspects, new research needs to address all the elements of the extremely complex steps within the food system, including logistics, environmental, and bioeconomic dimensions. It will also be important to contextualize every new food developed through innovative approaches within the framework of a healthy, balanced, and sustainable diet.

Designing healthy and sustainable food with new ingredients requires nutrition and technology expertise. A new ingredient will act differently in different food systems and matrixes, and interplay with the other constituents. These functional properties also interact. All these aspects should therefore be considered when designing and developing new products. As an essential part of the food security and dietary change, the food safety aspect should not be compromised.

Aim of the Call

The aim of this call is to build knowledge to prepare for and succeed with a dietary shift towards a healthier and more sustainable diet. This demands a system approach. Improved use of resources and designing new foods will be a driving force. The new knowledge will contribute to the preparedness for a future with a higher global food demand on scarce resources. This call deals with several interrelated topics, such as food security, food safety, nutrition, and consumer acceptance. It will focus on new food ingredients, new food or technologies and their contribution to healthy, sustainable diets. Important aspects to be addressed in this regard are safety, nutritional quality, digestibility, bioeconomic aspects, and consumer acceptance of new ingredients, food and framework conditions.

Proposals should include one or more of the following approaches and methodologies:

  • Exploratory research where consumer insight is included (social labs, living labs, etc.)
  • Systemic reviews to map and organize current research on the area
  • Building more research and knowledge on the food science aspects
Participating countries
Country Funding Organisation Abbreviation
Austria Austrian Research Promotion Agency on behalf of Ministry of Education, Science and Research FFG on behalf of BMBWF
France Frence National Research Agency ANR
Ireland Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine DAFM
Norway Research Council of Norway RCN
Poland National Science Centre NCN
Romania Executive Unit for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding UEDISCDI
Time schedule
When What
21 February 2023 Launch of the call
21 April 2023, 15.00 CEST Submission deadline proposals
26 June 2023 Send reviewers comment to applicants for rebuttal
6 July 2023, 15.00 CEST Deadline submission rebuttal letter
September 2023 SEC & CSC meeting to discuss proposals
October 2023 Final funding decision
End of 2023 Start of national administrative procedures between partners and funding organisations
December 2023 - May 2024 Start projects
More information
 Contact joint call secretariat: ANR (FR), 
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s
H2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement n.696300

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