HDHL INTIMIC: Knowledge Platform on Food, Diet, Intestinal Microbiomics and Human Health

The 2nd joint funding activity of ERA-Net HDHL-INTIMIC aims to establish a Knowledge Platform (KP) on Food, Diet, Intestinal Microbiomics and Human Health. This provides the unique possibility to connect all funded JPI HDHL researchers with other existing initiatives and relevant stakeholders in the human microbiome and health research area.

Aim of the call

The overall aim of the Knowledge Platform on Food, Diet, Intestinal Microbiomics and Human Health is to foster transnational and multidisciplinary collaboration and networking in order to accelerate, further develop and increase the impact of intestinal microbiome research related to human health.

For this, participating funding agencies will bring together research groups from various disciplines to form an international consortium that will design and implement the Knowledge Platform. The platform will for example carry out joint multidisciplinary activities aiming at integrating expertise, knowledge, facilities and databases in areas such as biology, medicine, nutrition and (bio) informatics. The activities of the platform should focus on the current research challenges in the field, for example:

  • Standardisation and harmonisation
  • Data handling, knowledge and data sharing
  • Move from association to causality

Call procedure

The Knowledge Platform will be implemented in a three-step procedure:

  1. Expression of Interest (EoI): Interested researchers should submit an EoI. The EoI should express the willingness and ability of the applicant(s) to join the Knowledge Platform as an active and contributing member. The selection and appointment of members will be performed by the respective national funding organisations.
  2. Networking meeting: The successful researchers and research groups will be invited to a Network Meeting during which the platform coordinator is elected and that sets the starting point for the development of the platform and the joint proposal.
  3. Evaluation platform proposal: The platform proposal will be evaluated by a scientific evaluation committee (SEC).

EoI results

In total, 67 eligible EoIs have been submitted to the Joint Funding Action “Knowledge Platform on Food, Diet, Intestinal Microbiomics and Human Health”. After evaluation by the Call Steering Committee (CSC), 55 research groups, out of 9 countries, were selected to work out a joint network proposal. In order to facilitate this process, all selected research groups were invited to a network meeting that took place on the 20th November in Brussels. During this meeting, the various research groups had the opportunity to meet with each other. Dr. Jildau Bouwman, Dr. Tobias Pischon and Prof. Matthias Lauder took the lead as network coordinators and started the discussion on the potential structure (work packages) of the joint proposal.

Call time schedule



4th of September 2018

Publication of the Call

9th of October 2018

Deadline submission Expression of Interest

26th of October 2018

Call steering committee (CSC) meeting selection platform members

30th of October 2018

Communication of selected platform members + invitation to Network Meeting

20th of November 2018

Network meeting

18th of February 2019

Deadline submission joint network proposal

26th of March 2019

SEC and CSC meeting for proposal evaluation

Early May 2019

Communication of final decision to platform coordinator (revision of proposal or no revision required)


For further information, please check the call documents:


For questions about the call:

Name: Dr. Wilke van Ansem (Programme Officer)
Telephone: +31 (0) 70 3495164
Email: jpihdhlprojects@zonmw.nl

For technical questions regarding the Electronic Submission System:

Name: Andrea Romano
Email: techsupport@healthydietforhealthylife.eu

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