NCU: Network Coordination Unit
The NCU is the intermediary between the Consortium and the EC and is responsible for the overall coordination of the HDHL-INTIMIC Action. It is composed of the coordinating officer, two project managers and a financial and administrative project officer , located at the Project Management Agency of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR-PT).

NSC: Network Steering Committee
The NSC is the highest body responsible for the execution of the HDHL-INTIMIC Action. It is composed of one representative from each HDHL-INTIMIC partner organisation.

EB: Executive Board
The EB is the general executive body of the consortium and oversees the timely execution of all work packages. It is composed of the work package leaders and the NCU.

CSC: Call steering committee
It is formed for each joint call and composed of those NSC members taking part in the joint call ("variable geometry" principle), and additional partners outside the consortium which may join the calls. The CSC makes all decisions related to the implementation of the calls, including the scoping of the call, the evaluation process and monitoring of funded projects.

JCS: Joint Call Secretariat / JFAS: Joint Funding Action secretariat
The JCS/JFAS serves as a central contact point for applicants, evaluators and funders for the cofunded call or for the additional Joint Funding Activities. The JCS/JFAS is the central contact point for all joint call activities.

SEC: Scientific evaluation committee
The SEC is a panel of internationally recognised scientific experts without conflict of interest, who are responsible for the evaluation of submitted proposals.

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