The brochure on what the JPI HDHL is and the key activities realized during its lifespan in the three strategic research areas of the JPI has been updated with information on the new joint actions launched in 2015 (5 factsheets) and the first JPI HDHL ERANET Cofund ERA-HDHL. The brochure also includes information on the first pilot actions (4 factsheets), on the JPI Guidelines on IPR, Open Access and Knowledge Sharing and on Foresight Activities in the domains of the JPI HDHL. The cover briefly presents the main features and strategies of the JPI and the new map of the members and observer countries strongly committed in building the HDHL community.

You can download the cover and the factsheets here:


JPI HDHL what it is


ERA-HDHL Cofunded Projects on Biomarkers

ERA-HDHL Policy Evaluation Network (PEN)

ERA-HDHL KH Food & Nutrition Security


HDHL-INTIMIC cofunded projects on intestinal microbiomics

HDHL-INTIMIC KP on intestinal microbiomics

HDHL-INTIMIC Metadis call