Joint Action Biomarkers in Nutrition and Health launches 2 research projects

JPIAt the end of 2014, two projects have been launched on the topic of the third Joint Action of the JPI HDHL Biomarkers in Nutrition and Health: MIRDIET and FOODBALL. The projects aim at the validation of biomarkers and the investigation of intake/exposure and nutritional status of biomarkers in the area of nutrition and health.

The MIRDIET consortium includes research institutes from France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The project aims to identify differential responses of specific circulating microRNAs that occur during carefully assessed dietary interventions in individuals with various metabolic status. Studies will be based on adipose tissue miRNome studies by comparing hypo- and hyper caloric dietary interventions or intervention studies focused on dietary polyphenols, protein content or glycemic index. The biomarker potential of microRNA signature will be validated at the circulating level using blood samples from both same and unrelated dietary interventions.

The FOODBALL consortium includes 20 research organisations from 9 European countries and Canada and New Zealand. The project includes a systematic exploration and validation of biomarkers to obtain a good coverage of the food intake in different population groups within Europe, by applying metabolomics to discover biomarkers, exploring use of easier sampling techniques and body fluids, revising the current dietary biomarker classification and developing a validation scoring system, applying these on selected new biomarkers, and exploring biological effects using biomarkers of intake.

Download the factsheet of MIRDIET

Dowload the factsheet of FOODBALL


Yellow - Foodball
Purple - Mirdet

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