Corresponding to the recently published new Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), JPI HDHL is delighted to announce the launch of the new Implementation Plan for the years 2019-2021. The Implementation Plan translates the objectives of the SRA into tangible targets for the next three years and defines concrete funding and non-funding activities that will be carried out by the JPI HDHL in the coming years.

The Implementation Plan 2019-2021 has been developed in a joint effort by the Management Board, SAB, SHAB and the CSA partners responsible for this task.

The JPI HDHL is pleased to announce that the Knowledge Platform on Food, Diet, Intestinal Microbiomics and Human Health is recommended for funding. Within this platform 52 research groups will work on data standardization, harmonization, knowledge sharing and integration within the field of intestinal microbiomics, diet and health research.

Establishment of the Knowledge platform
The Knowledge Platform is the second joint funding activity of the ERA-Net Cofund HDHL-INTIMIC. Fifteen funding organisations from 9 countries selected research groups from various disciplines to be part of this transnational and multidisciplinary consortium.

On the 22nd of May, the conference: “Circularity and Resource Efficiency of Food Systems” takes place in Bucharest, Romania. The event will be organised under the Romanian Presidency of the European Council. High level representatives from the ministries of Research & Innovation and Agriculture and the President of the Romanian Academy for Agriculture and Forestry Sciences will be present. In addition there will be researchers and other food chain stakeholders from Romania and other European Countries.

The vlog that JPI HDHL chair, Martijntje Bakker, made of the 5th JPI HDHL conference in February is now online. In the vlog, Martijntje takes you through the day and several speakers give you an impression of their session. In addition, Martijntje mentions some highlights of the panel discussion and she ends with the most important take home messages.

More information about the 5th JPI HDHL conference
For the conference report, click here
For the vlogs that were made by early career scientists, click here

Fourteen JPI HDHL funded projects joined the final symposia on the 21st of February in Brussels to present and discuss their project’s results. The overall focus of the final symposia was: how will the project results reach their maximal impact? The researchers shared the expected impact of their project results and their vision on the implementation and dissemination of those results.

The “Malnutrition in the Elderly Knowledge Hub” (MaNuEL) recently finished and delivered practice-oriented recommendations about malnutrition in the elderly. MaNuEL was a consortium of 22 research partners from 7 JPI HDHL countries. The consortium worked together for two and a half years to summarize and improve the current scientific knowledge about different aspects of malnutrition in older persons. The activities focused on gaining scientific knowledge on malnutrition in old age, to harmonize research and clinical practice across Europe, and to stimulate optimal screening and treatment of malnutrition in older persons.


Fit4Food2030 has welcomed four new policy labs to the project. The three countries and one region that have committed to running a R&I policy lab for food systems transformation are Austria, the Basque Country, Estonia and Ireland. They join the seven policy labs that started in the first phase of the project, making up a total of eleven policy labs. The new policy labs will organize around three national/regional meetings during the remaining 1,5 year of the project.

The Joint Programming Initiative a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life welcomed about 240 people to its 5th international conference on the 20th of February 2019 in Bozar, Brussels. The participants represented a wide variety of stakeholders in the area of food, nutrition and health and came together to discuss the state of the art in the field of JPI HDHL and look towards the future. The report and presentations of the conference are now available on the conference website.

As part of the JPI HDHL conference, a science vlog (video log) contest for early career scientists was organised. From 14 running projects funded by JPI HDHL, we received a vlog made by one or more early career scientists.The best 3 vlogs selected by a review panel were shown during the conference and the audience could vote to select the winning one.

Martijntje Bakker has been elected as the new chair of the JPI HDHL at the Management Board meeting in February 2019. She has been member of the JPI HDHL MB for the Netherlands since 2012 and took up the role of vice chair in 2013. She takes over from Carlos Martinez Riera, who unfortunately had to step down as chair due to a change of job.
Martijntje Bakker will build on her many years of experience with JPI’s and mission orientated research funding to guide the JPI HDHL through the coming time.