New call expected: “Development of targeted nutrition for prevention of undernutrition for older adults (PREVNUT)”

The JPI HDHL is pleased to pre-announce the launch of a 3rd additional non-cofunded joint activity under the umbrella of ERA-HDHL:“Development of targeted nutrition for prevention of undernutrition for older adults (PREVNUT)”, expected on January 20, 2020.

The aim of this call is to support transnational, collaborative research projects that address important research questions regarding the prevention of undernutrition in European older citizens through the consumption of appropriate nutritious food. Proposals should focus on one or both of the following topics:

  1. Improved understanding of how the balance between diet and physical activity can prevent undernutrition. The studies should focus on the underlying biological mechanisms of the bioavailability, assimilation and metabolism of the macro- and/or micronutrients in food or food products and show how physical activity could modify these processes.
  2. Development of innovative food products. The developed product should be based on new research on metabolism, on macro- and/or micronutrient bioavailability and absorption in older adults.


The research to be funded within this call should have a holistic, multi-disciplinary and solution oriented approach. The projects should be consumer-centred: integration of the targeted population is strongly encouraged in the research throughout the various stages of research design, conduct, analysis and dissemination. The goal is to raise awareness, share knowledge and improve dialogue between researchers, healthcare providers, policy-makers, industry and the targeted population. The extent of public involvement may vary according to the context of the study proposed and regional/national regulations of participating funding organisations. Participation of Industry is strongly encouraged, especially when developing food products. The translatability of the work will be important, hence the main focus of the proposals is expected to be on human studies.

Currently, 13 funding agencies from 11 different countries intend to support this call to fund transnational research projects in the field of prevention of undernutrition in elderly.

The PREVNUT call will follow a single-stage submission procedure followed by a rebuttal stage. The deadline for the submission of the proposals is April 7, 2020. The rebuttal stage is expected between 10th and 20th July 2020 and the final results by October 2020.

To know more about this new call, please check the pre-announcement, which also includes information on the participating countries/organisations and conditions for application.

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