The 4th international conference of JPI HDHL will take place on the 1st of December in Brussels. The conference will bring together a wide diversity of stakeholders and experts in the field of food, nutrition, health and physical activity. From scientists, R&I/agriculture/health policy makers to health professionals and representatives of SMEs and big industry. The main theme of the conference is to work towards more societal impact of nutritional science. Now that the main structure of the programme is set, it is possible to register for the conference via the conference webpage.


Programme in a nutshell
Networking, active participation and learning from other perspectives, insights and needs are core items of the JPI HDHL conference. The conference starts with an early bird programme. This programme exists of a training ‘Speech like Obama’ for a selected group of young scientists, the possibility to schedule speeddates with other participants of the conference and a plenary session on the role that JPI HDHL could play to easy the road from science and innovation.
The main conference programme includes elevator pitches about the relevance of the JPI HDHL projects where the young scientist are involved in; lectures about the importance of communication and stakeholder participation in research programming and a professional led audience debate. Furthermore, 4 parallel workshops are foreseen e.g. on public-private R&I collaboration; how to improve the impact of nutrition science; how to organize multi-stakeholder dialogues and a decision room session to provide input for the update of the Strategic Research Agenda.

Registration & participation at the conference webpage
Within the upcoming weeks we expect to provide more details about the various elements of the conference as well as the names of the speakers in the plenary sessions and workshops. Are you as enthusiastic as we are about the upcoming JPI HDHL conference? You can already register at the conference webpage. Via the webpage, we keep you updated about the programme, you will be able to set your profile for the early bird speeddates and you can provide input for the audience debate.