Recently the independent High Level Group chaired by Pascal Lamy published recommendations aimed at maximizing the impact of future EU research and innovation programmes. One of its main conclusions was to adopt a mission-oriented, impact-focused approach to address global challenges and mobilise researchers, innovators and other stakeholders to address them. The Joint Programming Initiative Chair Forum fully backs all these recommendations and strongly supports the vision. At the 3rd GPC Workshop on the future of Joint Programming on 7th November 2017 entitled “How to improve coherence of the partnership landscape and strengthen the delivery of partnerships on mission oriented programmes?” and jointly organized with the 10 JPIs the value of partnerships in mission oriented programmes will be discussed. The 3rd GPC Workshop will be held in Brussels on 7th November (09.00 – 12.00), back-to-back with the Annual P2P Conference (November 7-8, MCM - Management Centre Europe – rue de l’Aqueduc118, 1050, Brussels). The Joint Programming Initiative concept was born from a Commission incitation and endorsed by the Council to specifically address grand challenges* identified by a high level group, the GPC. JPIs are relying on three pillars: a shared vision, a dedicated simplified management structure and a strategic research and innovation agenda. JPIs have allowed the prioritization of research and innovation in national budgets and the building of a true European and global research era that fosters collaborations between researchers. Within these challenges, JPIs have succeeded in rationalizing the national funding landscape and offering a large visibility that has favored international collaborations and major impacts. The workshop aims to take a next step towards a reflection on existing partnerships and their missions and requirements for future mission-oriented programmes as well as a more coherent landscape of those partnerships. A high-level debate on the importance and role of partnerships in FP9 as well as parallel sessions will allow thematic in-depth discussions of current and future contributions of these partnerships to tackle specific societal challenges and related missions.

A parallel session on Food and Nutrition Security is supported by JPI HDHL, JPI OCEANS, FACCE JPI and WATER JPI. Participation is on invite only.