In 2017 JPI HDHL launched a rapid action call to support a community-led working group that can push forward the field of diet-related chronic diseases. @OBEDIS is a working group of project partners from France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
The project focuses on the individual response of obese patients to dietary interventions.

To be able to analyse the effects of dietary response in different patient subgroups, it is important to merge dietary intervention studies. @OBEDIS aims to:
    • reach an European agreement on the relevant multidimensional parameters to characterize obese patient phenotypes
    • to confirm the interest in key phenotyping criteria necessary to characterize homogeneous subgroups of obese patients by using 3 pan European dietary interventions on obese subjects as a case study
    • draw general guidelines to merge obesity dietary intervention studies in order to be able to made subanalyses according an accurate classification of patients.
    • Clear, ready to use and user friendly guidelines including the phenotyping criteria and the principles of sharing of clinical data in the field of obesity and nutrition will be disseminated to the scientific community at the end of the project.

The projected started in 2018 and runs for 1 year. A public summary of the project will be published on the website soon.