New call expected: Prevention of unhealthy weight gain and obesity during crucial phases throughout the lifespan (PREPHOBES)

 The HDHL-INTIMIC partners are pleased to pre-announce the launch of a 3rd additional non-cofunded joint funding activity “Prevention of unhealthy weight gain and obesity during crucial phases throughout the lifespan” (PREPHOBES) expected on January 27, 2020.

This new joint transnational call intends to fund dedicated, top-class transnational research consortia to provide insights on innovative strategies to prevent or reduce overweight and obesity in defined target populations based on certain life stages. This call will give a unique opportunity to connect researchers with expertise in obesity prevention and stakeholders that can facilitate policy-based solutions.
Currently, 11 funding agencies from 10 different countries intend to support this call to fund transnational research projects in the field of obesity prevention.

The research to be funded within this call should have a holistic, multi-disciplinary and solution oriented approach and will focus on one or more crucial phase(s) throughout the lifespan such as transition periods (for example from prenatal to postnatal phase/infancy, pre-school to school age, adolescence to early adulthood) or critical life events (for example moving, marriage, period in between pregnancies, diagnosis of a chronic disease, recovering from disease, retirement, migration). To increase the impact of the research and facilitate its later use in future policies on lifestyle interventions and public health, this call strongly encourages the active integration of stakeholders (e.g. patient and/or consumer organisations) or citizen science approaches. These partners should be engaged in the research process from conception of the study to dissemination and implementation.

The PREPHOBES call will consist of a two-stage submission procedure. The deadline for the submission of the pre-proposals is presumably April 3, 2020. In case of approval by the SEC, consortia will be invited for the second step presumably end of May 2020 and will have to submit their full-proposals in Mid-July 2020.

To know more about this new call, please check the pre-announcement, which also includes information on the participating countries/organisations and conditions for application.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s
H2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement n.696300

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