Final Symposium of the JPI HDHL DINAMIC project

On 5th December 2019 the DINAMIC (Diet-induced arrangement of the gut microbiome for improvement of cardiometabolic health) consortium organized a symposium to present and discuss their results. The symposium was organized back-to-back with the Dutch Gut day 2019 at the Amsterdam University Medical Centre. The combined programme attracted many visitors and a lot of early career scientist were present.

DINAMIC is one of the 6 projects funded within the JPI HDHL Joint Action “Intestinal Microbiomics”. The consortium was coordinated by Dr. Clavel and Prof. Haller and included partners from 7 countries (DE, DK, FR, IE, IT, NL and UK). During the symposium DINAMIC researchers from 6 countries presented the combined results of the work of their research group. The final symposium enabled the DINAMIC researchers to connect with other researchers in the field.

The morning sessions of the DINAMIC symposium focussed on microbiota-diet interaction in two cohorts (KORA and Twins UK) and the effect of the Mediterranean diet on microbiota composition. There seem to be ‘responders’ and ‘non-responders’ to the Mediterranean diet. For the responders, adherence to a Mediterranean diet seems to be beneficial for their cardio-metabolic health. During the last morning session the use and difficulties of faecal transplantations in humans were discussed.

The first afternoon session focussed on the role of mycobiome and phages in the gut, as the microbiome consists of more than just bacteria. The next sessions stressed the importance of metabolomics to investigate which compounds are absorbed and which are produced, and to not only measure the output by analysing the faeces. Lastly, standardizing of amplicon sequencing was discussed, as the project discovered that large differences occur when different laboratories analysed the same samples. The JPI HDHL recently funded a Knowledge Platform on Food, Diet, Intestinal Microbiomics and Human Health which will also look into standardization and harmonization of methods in the field of intestinal Microbiomics.

More information about DINAMIC can be found at the following link.
To learn more about the projects supported by the JPI HDHL have a look at the restyled website:


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