The Task Forces on the upcoming Joint Actions “Intestinal Microbiomics” and “Food models and Food processing” call for your input on current research activities and future priorities for both areas of research. Your input is very valuable to us and greatly appreciated!

 Specifically, we are requesting input on:

1. Gaps and/or needs for the area of research.
2. Identification of researchers/research groups working on these topics and the description of their research activities.
3. Relevant national and international networks and/or platforms.
4. Relevant non-academic collaboration.
5. Relevant strategic policy documents.

If you would like to help us out, please send an email before the 7th of November to:

Josanne Huijg (                                 James Conway (
TF Joint Action Intestinal Microbiomics                        TF Joint Action Food models and Food processing

We can send you the questionnaire to fill out or you can provide your input directly in the email. Thank you very much for your cooperation!