JOINT JPI HDHL – FACCE – JPI Paper on Nutrition and Food Security

The paper is one of the results of the Grand Debate on Nutrition Security in the pavilion of the European Commission at the EXPO 2015 in Milan. The objective of the paper is to serve as the FACCE-JPI and JPI HDHL contribution towards an European Strategy on FNS and to identify priority joint actions that the both JPIs can develop collaboratively.

The both JPIs have collaborated with an expert committee to bring forth two common priority research areas to be tackled together. One area concerns the effect of policies on food and nutrition security and the second one is on food production for better nutrition and better resilience to climate change. Although these questions might be considered thematically closer to JPI HDHL (effect of policy) or FACCE-JPI (food production), the complementary approaches and expertise of the two JPIs can provide a much more complete analysis of these problems than either JPI alone. The paper not only highlights two priority research areas; but also underlines the processes needed to create impact: 1) stakeholder involvement throughout the research cycle and 2) how to support knowledge transfer.
The content of the paper will feed into the future strategic plans and activities of the two JPIs and is submitted to the EC public consultation on "the Role of research in global food and nutrition security". In the upcoming months the both JPIs and their advisory board will collaborate to further develop the identified areas and to convert the ambitions into concrete activities. Please click here to find the paper, key messages of the Grand Debate and a link to (re)watch the Debate.

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