Prof. Edith Feskens has been appointed as vice chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of JPI HDHL. She takes over the role of Prof. Helen Roche, who has been elected as the chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, summer 2015.

 The Scientific Advisory Board is, next to the Stakeholder Advisory Board, one of the two advisory boards that provides JPI HDHL with advice on their strategic and implementation plans as well as on communication and dissemination of its results. The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of 15 members, top researchers in the field of Nutrition and Health and is chaired by professor Helen Roche.

The members are elected based on their individual research experience, not as a representative of their organisation. The researchers are experts in at least one of the three pillars of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) of the JPI HDHL.

  • Determinants of diet and physical activity
  • Diet and food production
  • Diet-related chronic diseases

Prof. Edith Feskens is professor in nutrition and health over the lifecourse at the Wageningen University & Research centre and has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board since March 2015. Furthermore Edith Feskens is the coordinator of Foodball (dec 2014 to dec 2017), one of the two research consortia that runs under the umbrella of the Joint Action Biomarkers in Nutrition and Health.

The JPI HDHL would like to express her thanks to Prof. Edith Feskens for her time and effort that she makes available to fulfill the role of vice-chair.