Smart Personalised Nutrition: Report on the 2016 EC workshop

In the light of the Food 2030 Policy Framework the EC organised a workshop on Smart Personalized Nutrition in June 2016. A report about the results of this workshop, including the way forward for Research and Innovation and the Food 2030 Policy Framework, has recently been published. Pamela Byrne, chair of JPI HDHL, contributed to the workshop and the published report

Issues discussed during the workshop and included in this report may be taken further as advice for next steps of the FOOD 2030 process. The report states that: “Smart Personalised Nutrition requires interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approached in which different sciences, business but also policy makers and civil society work together to offer coherent and trusted global and context specific solutions for the individual or groups of similar needs. Smart Personalised Nutrition will be mainly demand driven but should be based on scientific evidence to deliver services and products that can promote a healthy and environment friendly lifestyle framed by a science policy dialogue”. More information about Food 2030 including videos and presentations and discussion that took place at the EC Food 2030 high level event of October last year can be found here.

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