The Scientific Advisory Board has been established to advice the JPI HDHL in all scientifically and technologically relevant issues.

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of 15 members, top researchers in the field of Nutrition and Health and is chaired by professor Helen Roche. The members are elected based on their individual research experience, not as a representative of their organisation. The researchers are experts in at least one of the three pillars of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) of the JPI HDHL:

  • Determinants of diet and physical activity
  • Diet and food production
  • Diet-related chronic diseases

The MB requests advice from its advisory boards on their strategic and implementation plans as well as on communication and dissemination of its results. Please click here for the Terms of Reference of the Scientific Advisory Board of JPI HDHL. 


Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity

Diet and Food Production

Diet related Chronich Diseases