Outcomes HDHL-INTIMIC 2017 co-funded call 'Interrelation of the Intestinal Microbiome, Diet and Health’

“Interrelation of the INtesTInal MICrobiome, Diet and Health” (HDHL-INTIMIC) was the second ERA-NET Cofund of JPI HDHL and launched its first co-funded call in 2017: Interrelation of the Intestinal Microbiome, Diet and Health. The European Commission (EC) and 8 different countries funded a total of 11 research projects within this co-funded call. In December 2022 all projects finished, and many results were derived from the different studies.

The aim of the call was to support multinational, collaborative research projects that address important research questions regarding the cause-and-effect relationships between diet, the intestinal microbiome and human health. The outcomes of the different projects are visualised on a factsheet.


During the runtime of the co-funded call different disciplines were combined, and new collaborations were established with other research projects. In addition, the funded projects actively participated in the JPI HDHL Knowledge Platform. These collaborations resulted in the publication of 135 scientific publications, 99 oral presentations and 46 poster presentations. Within the projects, a total of 101 new jobs were created. Furthermore, the consortia contributed to data and knowledge sharing, standardisation of methods and protocols, and data harmonisation.

Impact and contribution to health and society

Overall, the results of the projects are relevant to a wide range of target groups including patients, scientists, consumers, policy makers and industry. Although most project results do not have a direct practical impact, results may lead to improvement of personalized food strategies for disease prevention in the long-term. Implementation of such strategies could have large impact on public health and stimulate the development of innovative and tailored foods by food companies.

Individual project results are being published on our website.

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