About HDHL

Governance Structure HDHL
Healthy Diet, Healthy Life (HDHL) is a former Joint Programming Initiative. It received funding under the European Horizon 2020 Pathway. HDHL consists of members of the Management Board, Scientific Advisory Board, and a Stakeholder Advisory Board. All boards are supported by a secretariat.
HDHL is country-driven and focuses on the knowledge needed to tackle societal challenges that no country alone can solve.

Management Board

The Management Board is the decision board of HDHL. It contains representatives from every partner country involved in HDHL. They are responsible for the overall coordination, supervision, implementation and progress of HDHL.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board has been established to advice HDHL in all scientifically and technologically relevant issues. Their expertise is in the areas of 'Citizens, Diet and Behaviour', 'Food for Health', or 'Diet, Health and Disease'. 

Stakeholder Advisory Board

The Stakeholder Advisory Board has been established to asvice HDHL and to ensure an adequare exchange of information with other political bodies and stakeholders in the field of food, nutrition and health. The stakeholders represent the areas 'Citizens, Diet and Behaviour', 'Food for Health', or 'Diet, Health and Disease'. 


The Secretariat serves as the central body for all HDHL activities including the development and implementation of strategies and action plans. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee deals with daily and urgent issues on behalf of the Management Board and is the linking pin between them and the secretariat. It consists of the HDHL Chair, the HDHL vice-chair, and three elected members of the Management Board.