The Secretariat is responsible for supporting the activities of the governing structure of Healthy Diet, Healthy Life (HDHL).


The Secretariat serves as the central hub for all activities. They are the central point for communication with the different bodies of HDHL

Its responsibilities include the development of strategy and action plans and overseeing the implementation of these plans. The secretariat – in close collaboration with the Chair and Steering Committee of HDHL also develops links with other public and private transnational research initiatives as well as towards the relevant Directorates-General of the European Commission.


Function Organisation Contact
Coordinating Secretariat Management Board ZonMw, the Netherlands
Secretariat Scientific Advisory Board DLR, Germany
Secretariat Stakeholder Advisory Board ILVO, Belgium


Coordinating Secretariat Management Board

ZonMw is the responsible secretariat for the Management Board. 


Jessie Doppler

Deputy Coordinator

Jasmina van Driel

Program Officer

Bernadette Conrads

Secretariat Scientific Advisory Board

DLR is the responsible secretariat for the Scientific Advisory Board.

Kristina Foterek

Ann Siehoff

Secretariat Stakeholder Advisory Board

ILVO is the responsible secretariat for the Stakeholder Advisory Board.

Nikki de Clercq