FOOD2030 Pathways for action 2.0

In November 2023, the European Commission published its second report on ’Research and Innovation Pathways for action’. Via our deputy coordinator Jasmina van Driel, HDHL provided input to the seventh pathway ‘Nutrition and Sustainable Healthy Diets’. The report was presented at the FOOD2030 event in Brussels on the 5th and 6th of December 2023.
Food systems hold the power to realize our shared vision for a better world
Highlighted by António Guterres, UN Secretary-General

Below some of the aspects that are addressed in the report of the European Commission.
In the policy context, it is commonly recognised that our food systems are affected by several simultaneous challenges. These include, amongst others, climate change, pollution  and resource scarcity. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian/ Ukraine war increased the urgency to make the food system more resilient and sustainable. 

These events underline the interconnectedness and pivotal importance of functioning food supply chains. They also emphasise the need to further increase the resilience of European food systems to disturbances and shocks, while ensuring food and nutrition security and environmental sustainability.

It is no longer disputed that food systems transformation is needed to enable us to live and thrive within planetary boundaries and to ensure food and nutrition security for all, including current and future generations. Achieving this transformation requires a better understanding of the complex interactions between the components of our current food systems, and innovative ways to accelerate and develop solutions that can contribute to systemic change.

In alignment with this understanding, the focus of the Pathways for action 2.0 report is on ‘Research and Innovation (R&I) policy as a driver for sustainable, healthy, climate-resilient and inclusive food systems.’ It contains eleven R&I pathways to transform food systems at local, regional, national, and international levels. These pathways are envisioned to provide solutions that can deliver co-benefits related to four overarching priorities:

  • Nutrition for sustainable, affordable and healthy diets
  • Climate-smart and environmentally sustainable food systems
  • Circular and resource-efficient food systems
  • Food systems innovation and empowerment of communities

You can now access the full report to know more about the pathways, which will support the European Commission shape the next phase of Horizon Europe for 2025-2027.

Text: HDHL Secretariat